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See which 07-Ghost Character you represent!

Welcome to 07ghost_rate! Ever wonder which of the 07-Ghost characters you resembled with your personality? Well, look no further! Dedicated to the animaga series by Yuki Ameyima and Yukino Ichihara, 07ghost_rate will help you determine which character you are!

1. You must be a member to post.

2. No flaming anybody. Be nice!

3. Be honest with yourself! There's no real point of joining if you're going to lie just to get a certain character. Join for the fun of it!

4. You must fill out the application. Try answering as many question as you can as if it had a "Why?" attached to it. This way we all can grasp your personality, better.

5. All applications MUST be behind LJ-cut. One is provided below to save people time, so there should be no problem really.

6. You will be stamped after five votes.

7. Even if you haven't been stamped you can vote.

8. You must vote for at least 3 (or whatever is readily available) others before you submit your own application. This way people get stamped faster.

9. You can vote someone as up to two different characters.

10. Please BOLD your votes.

11. Give a explanation to why you voted them as such.

12. So I know you have read the rules. Please have "Eye of Michael" as your subject. All applications will be deleted that do not follow this rule.

13. If you don't like your result you can always re-do your application after a month, but you are only allowed to do this once. Please have "Eye of Raphael" as your subject line instead of the one above.

14. If you do not follow any of the following rules in this community, strict action will take place.

  14a. While submitting an application and posted the application without following all the rules stated above, the post will be deleted immeadiatly. You will get sent a warning through PM.

  14b. If you continue to not to follow the rules after your single warning, you will be banned without any futher notices. We will not tolerate souls who can not follow simple rules.

15. Last but not least, even if you haven't been voted yet, you can always vote! And please, do!

Just go ahead and copy/paste this application into a post and fill it out!

ohariko || dragon_gypsy
Feel free to message us regarding any questions you might have!

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